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· 3 min read
Adam Kecskes

From: Lex Fridman's John Carmack Interview

It's not the writing of the program initially, it's the whole lifespan of the program.

No software project worth putting into production is ever truly static. Even a hypothetically bug-free application upon initial release has to change as it gets used in the real world. Users provide feedback so the UX has to change; the product owner or client of the application wants to tweak something; a new platform comes out for it to be deployed to; the app is so popular that it needs to be scaled up any number of circumstances will force a change in software at some point during its lifetime.

· 14 min read
Adam Kecskes

Hiring software developers is notoriously hard to do, even for those of us who are technically savvy. Hiring developers is like buying a book; just because the editorial blurb on the back is great doesn't make the writing great.

If you have a project that is more than just a single-page website, you'll need to hire a development shop (or go through the effort of hiring your own staff, which is a very different topic) to do the heavy lifting. Your project may be starting from scratch, or maybe your existing application is buggy or not very scalable and you need to refresh it. For whatever reason, you recognize that hiring a person off of Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer just isn't going to hack it. You're already on the right track.