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· 5 min read
Adam Kecskes

Jira is a powerful and highly customizable software project management tool. Because of its popularity and long-time presence in the industry, there is a myriad of add-on and integrations to the platform, including Slack and GitHub.

Best Practices

Make it easy for your co-workers NOT to have to ask you questions.

👍 General Practices

  1. You should never be talking about work without also being able to refer to a Jira issue number.
  2. Think of Jira as a journal. In each issue, record all the details you can think of. While it's best to plan ahead, it's just as valid as to update a Jira issue on the fly or before you transition it or assign it to another person.
  3. Do not leave an issue in an ambiguous state. Go with the workflow. Tell others what your current state is by transitioning the issue.
  4. Always provide enough information on an ongoing basis to let your peers and managers what your current status is.
  5. Anticipate questions and answer them in advance in the issue.
  6. Add comments, screenshots, and document and web links like crazy.
  7. Use @mentions vigorously.

· 2 min read
Adam Kecskes

Big name clients do not a big name PM tool make

Large companies like Disney, Intel, Google, and so on are often show on a PM tool's list of clients. Take this with a grain of salt. While a department or two (or a dozen) might be using the software, the entire company is likely not using the software. The software is simply another tool to them. Don't equate quality with the size of the company using it.

For reference, as of the date of these, here's a list of PM tools I found on the Internet. Not all of these are purely PM tools. Many are hybrids, focusing on other activities, but are often found associated with PM software.

Asana | Azendoo | Backlog | Basecamp | Beebusy | Beekeeper | Bitrix24 | Blink | Brightpod | Celoxis | Clarizen | ClickUp | Clubhouse | Communifire | Confluence | ConnecTeam | Drinkle | Favro | Flow | Flowlu | FogBugz | Freedcamp | FunctionFox | GanttPRO | GoToMeeting | Google Workspace | Hibox | Hitask | Hive | Holaspirit | HoneyBook | IDoneThis | Infinity | Jira | KanbanFlow | Kanbanize | Kintone Kipwise | Kissflow | Lavagna | LiquidPlanner | Lumeer | MeisterTask | Microsoft Teams | | Monitask | nTask | Neetrix | Notion | Nrby | OpenProject | Ora | Orangescrum | OurPeople | Paymo | PivotalTracker | Podio | ProProfs Project | ProWorkFlow | | Project Central | ProjectManger | Projectplace | ProofHub | QuickBase | Quip | Quire | Range | Redbooth | Redmine | Replicon | RingCentral | Scoro | Slack | Smartsheet | SoapBox | SpiraPlan | Taiga | TaskRow | Taskque | Taskworld | TeamGannt | TeamWork | Teamweek | Things | TickTick | TimeHero | Todoist | Toggl Plan | Toodledo | Trello | Trillian | Twist | UpWave | Wimi | WorkFront | WorkflowMax | Wrike | Yodiz | YouTrack | Zoho Projects | Zoho Springs

· 11 min read
Adam Kecskes

Trello Logo|50%

Disclaimer: I like Trello. It's a dang good piece of software that I've been using the free version of for years, well before Atlassian bought it out from Fog Creek Software (now That said, this isn't intended to be an endorsement for Trello or Atlassian for that matter.

Even at its most basic (free) level, Trello has a lot of cool functionality that lets your team run wild with managing projects, setting up calendar events, making to-do lists, setting up workflows and so on. But here's the thing with Trello — when you buy into the Business Class level at $10 per user per month (paid annually), you gain a whole lot of new features.

· 9 min read
Adam Kecskes

Or, When and Why You Should Pay for Notion Team

Getting up to Speed

If you haven't heard of Notion, likely you've been under a rock somewhere. And good for you, keeping safe during this time of Covid-19! 😷

Notion touts itself as an all-in-one workspace, useful to create wikis, track notes, make tables of who-knows-what and a whole host of other features. Think Evernote meets Airtable smashed up with Microsoft OneNote, and MediaWiki, with a pinch of Asana and Trello, plus a lot more. And Notion is hyper-configurable, to boot.

It's a handy and versatile software suite. But like those other tools just mentioned, there is so much that you can do with Notion that sometimes it can be so overwhelming that you collapse under an avalanche of unorganized notes, links, folders and files. If you want to know more, visit Chances are, you can ramp up pretty quickly. However... this article isn't about the details of what Notion can do. It's about saving yourself a lot of time and effort if you are thinking that Notion might be perfect for your team or business. It might be, but...