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Adam Kecskes Engineering Management Resume

A versatile engineering manager with a background in technical operations, information architecture, user experience, quality assurance, and agile software development. Provide hands-on work to root cause analyses, product development, and overall systems improvement. Advocate for both the customer and the developer to ensure their experiences are meaningful, fruitful, and valuable.

For most companies, the title noted is the last title I held with that company.

Developer Proficiencies


  • Frontend: TypeScript, plus React, Vue, and Next.js, using Tailwind and Sass for CSS.
  • Backend: Node.js (with Express), PostgreSQL (with TypeORM), StrapiCMS, and Rust (for blockchains) with working knowledge of AWS (mainly S3) and GCP (Cloud Storage, Google App Engine, and Google SQL).
  • Supplementary: VBA, Google App Scripts, git, GitHub Actions.


  • C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, PHP, MySQL, Joomla.

Leadership and Technical Roles

AktaryTech ~ Director of Service Delivery

Web and Crypto Software Development

Apr 2021 - Present @ Austin, TX

  • Create time and cost estimates for client prospects; determine go/no-go status as part of biz dev.
  • Manage active client relations to ensure their project needs were being met.
  • Manage a team of 4-5 developers focused on Ethereum and Cosmos based blockchain technologies.
  • Architect and write majority of base UI code for projects in TypeScript, React, and Tailwind CSS.

CESCO Magnetics ~ ERP Solutions Consultant

Food Safety Product Manufacturing

Nov 2020 – Aug 2021 @ Georgetown, TX

  • Implemented inventory migration program from spreadsheets and Microsoft Access to Global Shop Solutions ERP.
  • Established best practices for use of BOMs and routers on the shop floor, in office, and with sales.
  • Eliminated tedious steps in quality assurance certification process.
  • Provided analysis of various business functions including inventory tracking, order processing, and manufacturing steps.

Technical Services Consultant

Apr 2018 - Aug 2021 @ Various, USA

  • Provided technical operations consulting, hiring evaluations, time and cost estimates, and technical due diligence services.
  • Provided Javascript/React/Vue software development services.

Public Speaking & Leadership Coach

Dec 2016 - Mar 2020 @ Austin, TX

  • Lead a number of public speaking training sessions for various non-profits.

Digital Turbine ~ Director of IT & Business Operations Manager

Mobile Application Marketing

Oct 2014 – Mar 2015 @ Austin, TX

  • Originally hired to develop the on-shore software team; this was replaced by an off-shore solution in strategic shift.
  • Provided root cause analysis and solutions for a number of weak process points, including bug tracking and documentation management, reducing the time to fix urgent, business impacting issues.
  • Managed transition of the company’s primary Verizon product from IPv4 systems to support IPv6.

Intel Corporation ~ Operations Program Manager

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Aug 2011 – Oct 2014 @ Hillsboro, OR

  • Headed review committee to determine DevOps and application lifecycle systems solutions for the newly formed department.
  • System included project management, continuous integration and testing, and policies for data migration, security, backup and recovery solutions.
  • Sourced, reviewed and provided detailed analysis of contracted software components to ensure compatibility and overall usability by business unit.
  • Implemented full-stack project management and Agile/DevOps system for a team of 100+ developers.
    • Before: Seven unique multi-million dollar projects languished for lack of metrics.
    • After: Three projects moved to completion; millions of dollars were saved by not continuing on with those projects that could no longer be justified after seeing adequate data.

Viva! Vision, Inc. ~ Director of Software Development & IT Operations

Mobile Entertainment Software

Dec 2005 - Sep 2010 @ San Diego, CA

  • Primary UI architect and developer, using C++, Java, and Objective-C to develop mobile phone apps.
  • Increased revenue by optimizing the software development build cycle, creating quick product turnarounds and more sales opportunities.
  • Architected build configuration system allowing for dynamic device porting (BREW/C++ & J2ME/JAVA), irrespective of feature phone type.
  • In a six month project of code refactoring, automation, and improving user experience, reduced new product release times from over two weeks to under one week, while simultaneously doubling DB and client query performance. End results were tens of thousands of dollars saved per project, the reduction of paid intern content creation staff from eight to three, and a leaner, more agile, software team.

Kyocera Wireless Corp. ~ Sr. Software Engineer Lead

Mobile Phone Manufacturing

Feb 2003 - Dec 2005 @ San Diego, CA

  • Feature Phone UI Developer using C/C++; acted as backup buildmaster using Perforce.
  • Developed reusable UI main screen and menu systems in C and C++ for features phones; involved design team to ensure future roadmap compliance.
  • Liaison with UI/UX design group; worked to improve overall output by helping establish coding standards that were applicable to the likewise consistent UI design documents.
  • Provided detailed analyses of build times and the impact on productivity; used results to pinpoint key areas to reduce raw build from 4 hours to 30 minutes through code refactoring and dependency fixes.
  • Managed joint quality and user experience testing committee tasked with finding and implementing upfront testing strategies.
  • Part of the hiring committee tasked with ramping up the software team to support a large scale growth product development.

Qualcomm, Inc. ~ Software Engineer & Project Manager

Wireless Telecommunications

Feb 1997 - Feb 2003 @ San Diego, CA

  • Primary (C/C++) UI developer for the original Qualcomm smartphone lineup on PalmOS.
  • Starting with a call from a curious customer, demonstrated that the company had no formal product life cycle system.
    • From there, was instrumental in creating a program for a full-scale, iterative product life cycle, replacing the legacy ad-hoc, semi-waterfall system, by working with partners from customer care, human factors, quality assurance, software development, and manufacturing to ensure company wide acceptance and implementation.
    • Results included improving the companies reputation with customers and client; reducing incoming customer care calls, reducing manufacturing and repair waste, and enhancing the overall quality of future roadmap products.
  • Reduced product defect reporting effort from 8 hours (and growing) per reporter to less than 30 minutes (fixed) by creating a more sophisticated, automated analysis and reporting spreadsheet system.
  • Originally started in customer service, providing support for the Eudora suite of email software applications.

CTS Network Services ~ Customer Support Supervisor

Internet Service Provider

Mar 1996 - Feb 1997 @ San Diego, CA

  • Managed customer support team.
  • Created training courses for new customer support employees.
  • Interfaced with network administrators to aid in debugging network issues from the customer’s point of view.



  • B.A. in Mathematics @ University of California | San Diego, CA 1996
  • B.S. in Computer Science @ Coleman University | La Mesa, CA 1998

Professional Development

  • Professional Scrum Master @ | Austin, TX, 2020
  • Advanced Communicator & Leadership Awards @ Toastmasters International | TX & OR | 2013-Present
  • Certified Usability Analyst @ Human Factors International | Hillsboro, OR 2012

Volunteer Work

Cook and Recycling Manager for Potluck in the Park

Mar 2013 - Mar 2014 @ Portland, OR

For this non-profit that provided weekly meals for the homeless, cooked and served meals as well as supported the recycling process for all of the discarded packaging.

Consultant for Outdoor Outreach

Jul 2009 - Jul 2011 @ San Diego, CA

For this non-profit that provided leadership training to at-risk youths, provided technical advice ranging from computer systems to best practices for operations. Also participated in several fund-raisers.